June 17, 2015

Sample Health Form and ID Tag

On June 17th around 7:45pm we sent out sample health forms and ID tags to the 217 families that requested a chance to review it.  Please make any needed changes using your daughter's link to her "Everything Form".


What's Unit Voting?

Girl Scouting supports the concept of "girl ownership".  We believe that girls learn by practicing -- and that includes learning to make decisions.  Whenever possible, we believe that girls should be given the opportunity to be involved in age-appropriate decision making.  With a one-week camp it's difficult to ask girls on Monday, "What would you like to do this week?"  Our volunteers would have to make plans on the fly and rush out Monday evening to purchase supplies.  So we've come up with a compromise.  Each unit staff has put together a few ideas and we ask parents to help their daughter review the choices on line and vote for the ideas she likes most.  For our younger girls, it's a one-question "vote" plus  an open-ended question.  As the girls get older, they are given more choices.  Sadly, less than half of the girls are given the opportunity the submit their ideas.  Parents, please help!  Click on the button on the left labeled "Unit Voting".  Voting ends at 10:00pm on June 26th.

Do You Know the Announcement Song?

It's time to start practicing!  Click here for a refresher.  (It's a QuickTime file)


Unit Assignment & Welcome Packet Email

On June 7th we sent out two email messages to every camper, OWL and teen staff.  One email provides each camper their unit assignment.  The second email includes the Welcome Packet.

Everything Form Link Still Active

You can use the link to your daughter's online "Everything" form to make changes until June 19th.  Please make sure you've identified on the form all the "authorized adults" who may pick up your daughter. 


Bus Schedule Will be Emailed in Early July

We will email the bus schedule to all families in early July after we've had a chance to verify that summer construction won't cause any problems.