July 22, 2016 - Evening Edition

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Lost and Found:  Items will be placed on the deck of Firefly Lodge (the large building off of the Justin Knoll entrance) on Saturday from 10:00am until the camp is cleaned up (around noon).  After that the items will be taken to Annandale, VA for a few days.  Then discarded if not claimed.

Sunrays – Hot Pink Unicorns: The Hot Pink Unicorns had a fantastic day!! We kicked off the talent show with the skit we wrote about being accepting of new friends. We had very loud voices and the back row could hear us!! We traded our SWAPS, decorated wands, and finished off the day at the Challenge Course trying to cross the river of alligators, playing Trainwreck, and balancing the whale watch. We had a great week!

Bats 1 – Purple Pygmy Puffs: We started our day at the amphitheater and had tons of fun performing our skit, “The Shrinking Machine”! After watching all of the other groups, we headed over to the flag pole and traded our Purple Pygmy Puff S.W.A.P.’s with the rest of the campers. We then walked over to Meadows and created some super cool bottle cap rings. After eating lunch, we hiked up to Blueberry Hill where Sunflower taught us how to make a safe fire circle and how to start a fire. Then we used the fire to make some delicious S’mores! We cleaned up our fire circle and then went back to Meadows where we played a few games while some of us went on a quick hike. Finally, we cleaned up our camp site and BIFFY’s and said goodbye to Camp Crossroads. We hope you all had a ton of fun with us and we look forward to seeing you all next summer!

Bats 2 – The Pink Potter Girls: Today our girls performed a skit for Hogwarts Academy. They enjoyed being able to include their teen volunteers by pouring cold water on one of them. After the talent show, they were able to exchange swaps with other units within camp. We played water games on the sports fields to cool off from the heat. We made sun catcher necklaces at the arts and crafts station. The girls really had a great day and fun week learning to sing and play together. They all would love to come back to Camp Crossroads again next summer!

Bats 3 – Baby Blue Bicorns: Today the girls preformed their skit for the camp. They then did swaps, so there will be a lot of crafty pins pinned to things or in bags. The girls started Japanese braids and learned a couple of new games. They then had our owls teach them how to make people feel better about how they look. The girls had a great week and have many stories. They learned their teens’ and adults’ names today, so the girls will tell you all about that! Thanks for a great week campers!

Arrows 1 – The Chocolate Frogs: The Chocolate Frogs had a fantastic day to end a fantastic week at camp! We performed the skit we have been working on this week for the talent show and made the whole camp laugh. Next, we had our SWAP meet and got some cool new SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere). Then we went to science/potions class. Finally, we finished our day with some water games! We had such a wonderful time at Camp Crossroads this week and we hope to see you again next summer!

Arrows 2 – Dumbledore’s Army: Today was a great day to get wet! After flags, the talent show, swaps, and lunch it was time to play some water games. Everyone had a blast soaking new friends and old friends alike. Once the water games were over we had a quiet afternoon of playing games, singing songs, and just relaxing up in the Eagle’s Nest. We had a terrific week and hope to see you all again next summer!

Magpies – Fantastic Flaming Fireballs: The Fireballs had a fantastic last day of camp. They loved preforming their “Weasley Family Reunion” skit that they made up, and enjoyed the other group’s funny shows. We then swapped our dragon scale and fireball swaps with other campers, and went to crafts, making custom Rubik’s Cubes! We went back to the unit and made edible fires, talked about camping, and toured the glen shelters. We finished off the day by cleaning the unit with rapid speed and said a farewell to all the awesome friends that we made! Thank you all for coming to Camp Crossroads-we hope you all had tons of fun and come back next year! –Popcorn, Rosebud, Snoopy, and Wolffey

Catapults – Burgundy Banshees: The Catapults had a fabulous time performing their “Voldemort’s Papers” skit during this morning’s Camp Crossroads Talent Show, and loved watching the other groups’ skits. We traded our Broomstick SWAPs with other units, then feasted on watermelon during lunch. For dessert, we caught some Chocolate Cats they hissed and fizzed when we ate them! (Pop Rocks were the “secret” ingredient.) During the final challenge in our Triwizard Tournament, the four Hogwarts houses competed to capture the most eggs from the “Hungry Hungarian Horntail,” a live action version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. The houses did great! At Crafts, we created our own colorful Rubik’s Cubes, then cooled off on the sports field with a game of Water Quidditch. We continued making our paracord bracelets, then said goodbye to the friends we made. Thank you to all of the Catapults for making another summer at Hogwarts so much fun!!! – Lucky Charms, Sky Walker, Meadow, & Dobby

Boys – Black Riders: Hope the boys had a great week, we sure did! Today we had a WONDERFUL time in the mud pit and a water balloon fight. We also made snow. That felt so good, along with a frozen t-shirt relay. We had the talent show today and played Sharks and Minnows with some girls. Thanks staff for sharing your boys with us, we had a great week!

Pixies: The Pixies had a wonderful week at camp! Today, we did a GREAT job performing our skit for the crowd and we watched everyone else’s skits at the talent show. We also swapped SWAPs with all of the other campers! The Pixies made bottle caps with stickers as their SWAPS and they turned out GREAT. We played with bubbles almost all day, gave out paper plate awards, and we did closing flag! We really hope that the Pixies enjoyed their week with us!!