July 20, 2014

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Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who made Camp Crossroads possible!  Our full time adult and teen staff members were supplemented by 50+ part time volunteers who kept your daughters staff at bus stops, opened car doors, checked ID, carried gear from one place to another and showed up at camp prepared to spend the night at a moments notice to fill in for another volunteer with a medical emergency.  If you know one of these wonderful people, please thank them. 

Lost and Found

There's not much there, but you may pick it up anytime from the carpool at 9004 Braeburn Dr, Annandale.  After August 17th we will donate or discard unclaimed items.

Wrap Up We will be emailing out end-of-camp evaluations, activity sheets and the camper directory (if you signed up for it) in the near future.

We really do read the evaluations carefully as we begin to make plans for 2015.  It's important that your daughter be given the opportunity to express her opinions, so when the evaluations come out, please help her fill it out.  Thank you.

If we have any left over pictures/patches we will mail them in the next couple of weeks (just as soon as Irish finishes unpacking all the boxes!)

2015?  Already?  Yes, strange as it seems, we're already working on 2015.  Our tentative dates are July 13-17, 2015.  You can sign up to receive a reminder email by filling out the "Reminder Email for 2015" form (button on the right).  Our 2015 website will be up and running in mid January 2015.

Did your daughter attend Camp Crossroads 2014 and you need a letter for tax purposes?  (Child care credit, flexible spending account, etc.).  The letter must come from the Girl Scout Council as you paid the Council via a credit or debit card.  To request a letter, go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TaxIDRequest Allow two weeks for processing.

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