March 25, 2015

Back by popular demand! “Summer at Hogwarts” Join your favorite wizard, Harry Potter, for summer at Hogwarts. Come dressed as your favorite character on Harry Potter Day. Find Ron’s pet Scabbers. Stop at Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. Naturally, Hermione has read all the books but you don’t have to!

Everything Form Due

If your daughter is placed in Crossroads, your placement email will contain a link to your daughter's personal "Everything" form.  This online form contains everything we need to complete your daughter's enrollment in Camp Crossroads.  You must complete this online form no later than 11:59pm on Thursday, April 23rd.  If you do not complete the form by the deadline, your daughter will lose her place at Camp Crossroads.  The automated system that sends the email with the personal link will send you periodic reminder email messages that will sound increasingly frantic as the deadline approaches.  Once you fill out the form and push the "submit" button, the email messages stop.

Tax Documentation for 2014

Did your daughter attend Camp Crossroads 2014 and you need a letter for tax purposes?  (Child care credit, flexible spending account, etc.).  The letter must come from the Girl Scout Council.  To request a letter, click here.  Allow two weeks for processing.


Crossroads 2015 will be held July 13-18, 2015 in Oakton, VA.  Camp Crossroads is one of many camps run by volunteers for the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital.  Camp Crossroads uses a lottery system for placement (not first come, first served).  The cut off date to be included in the lottery was March 18, 2015.  Camp Crossroads is full with wait lists in all age-levels.  We will not be accepting additional applications.

Lottery Results Released March 26, 2015

Lottery results will be emailed around 9:00pm on Thursday, March 26th.  Please remember that many internet service providers consider us "spamers" because we send out so many email.  You can improve your chances of prompt delivery by adding our email address to your contact list (  If you do not receive the email, please check your "spam" or "junk" folder and wait 24 hours before contacting us.  We use an automated system to send out the email -- in order to resend your email we will have to program the system to send you a new email.

My Daughter Was Wait Listed.  Now What?

Unfortunately, we have wait lists in all program age-levels.  If your daughter is wait listed you'll also receive an number telling you where she is on the wait list.  Of course, we can't predict how many girls might withdraw.  When you receive your wait list email you will have the opportunity to remain on the wait list or request an immediate withdraw.  If you remain on the wait list and we can not place you, you will receive a full refund at the beginning of July.  If we do place your daughter, you will bound by our "no refunds after May 15th" policy.  While you're on the wait list, you can request immediate removal by clicking on the "withdraw" button on the left.